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» home » Velvet Revolver » Melody & The Tyranny » She builds quick machines lyrics
Artist: Velvet Revolver
Album: Melody & The Tyranny (2007)
Title: She builds quick machines

Lyrics She builds quick machines

Hold fast little love
Burn it strong, let it roam
Ice cold desert snow
She build a quick dream
Sister keep her motor clean
Sunday visits and a wet machine
She's always quick to fight
We'll break her through the night

I can feel the way push me now
I can feel it when they stood their ground
Roll over right
Keep it through the night
Right, Right
Keep it through the night
Right in my sight
Keep it through the night
I'll smash right through your spotlight

She ran away to Texas
To keep away the excess
Old ex in Vegas, dope, back Texas
She burn through inheritance
Danced across America
At the all night sex show so far from home


What you give is what you take.
What you bleed is what you break.
I'd bleed for you.
I'd steal for you.
I'd take. [x8]