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Artist: User
Album: Semi-Mental Journey (1996)
Title: Food-chained

Lyrics Food-chained

Where do I go?
Freeze-dried in the moonshine
Neptune prepares to fly
Wrapped up in the food-chained
Absorbed into her beams of light

Unchained you’re the victims tool

Pushed out and homeless
Neptune slipped off his turtle last night
And waking up is the hardest jewel
U can swallow with pride

Saturn has chosen
For the season

You’re the victim’s tool

Wrapped in the food-chained
Oh well this is life
You gambled a way out
Now move to the back of the line
You now the stories go
It turns black into white
Rolled up in the food-chained
Please give me a sign

Oh the count down
For the change

This could happen to you
just don’t eat my advice
Freeze-dried now you are empty
Wrapped up in the food-chain
Prepare for the journey.