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Discography Uncle Kracker:
(2009) Happy Hour
(2002) No Stranger To Shame
(2000) Double Wide

Uncle Kracker lyrics of the album Happy Hour (2009)
I Hate California
Corner Bar
Another Love Song
My Girlfriend
Livin' The Dream
Me Again
Good To Be Me
Hot Mess
Hey Hey Hey
I'm Not Leaving

Uncle Kracker lyrics of the album No Stranger To Shame (2002)
Keep It Comin'
Thunderhead Hawkins
In A Little While
I Wish I Had A Dollar
Baby Don't Cry
I Do
Memphis Soul Song
I Don't Know
To Think I Used To Love You
Letter To My Daughters
No Stranger To Shame

Uncle Kracker lyrics of the album Double Wide (2000)
Better Days
What'chu Lookin' At
Follow Me
Steaks And Shrimp
Whiskey And Water
Who's Your Uncle
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Aces & 8's
You Can't Take Me