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Artist: The Strokes
Album: N/A (0000)
Title: In Her Prime

Lyrics In Her Prime

well i lived this life and i was just seventeen
this house was built on mamas broken dreams
and then it took me by surprise
when she looked me in the eyes

and i arrest these teachers for what they have read
and give all your money to the living dead
like a call girl in her prime
arriving just in time

and i am a sentimental man
i try to reach to God with just one hand
rejecting offers to be with you
all that does is to
keep you by your side
a new way to wave goodbye
and i'm waiting
on my lady

and i'm redefining what they could not deceive
upon their big arrival and then she dont think
take them off to war, if you wanna ask me for some more
i'm taking your days
in her prime
just in time