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Artist: Supertramp
Album: Slow Motion (2002)
Title: Slow Motion

Lyrics Slow Motion

Slow motion, slow motion baby
We want our love to last
Everything΄s so right, why try to go so fast
It΄s easy to lose sight
and then the moments passed

Go easy, go easy baby
You know there΄s time for us
Even though this world seems to be speeding up
Maybe we can try to slow things down

Because we need to draw the line
Because we need to make the time
Because we need to sip the wine

Because the clock is running,
and it΄s going so fast
The future΄s coming but it΄s soon the past
It΄s here today and there΄s no turning back

Go lightly, go lightly baby
In time we΄ll find a way
It΄s never over ΄till it΄s over
Why rush it through?
Never pausing to admire the view

Slow motion, well if we get tired
then we can rest awhile
If we΄re gonna go, we΄re gonna go in style
Isn΄t that what life is all abour?