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Artist: Girlicious
Album: N/A (0000)
Title: Problem

Lyrics Problem

Everybody gets, gets a fair try
you alright with me, 'til you tell a lie and
from the top, you seemed, like a different kind of guy
Did your own thing, I gave it a try. (And you)

Told Me you're catching feelings
Kind of unusual.
Don't let no women ever, see this side of you
I'll admit, you had me going,
thinking that this was the move
until I seen another girl on you.
Kissing you.
Now you're bridge is burned.

Aha Aha, guess there's something wrong about him
Aha Aha, looks like now, we got a problem.
Cuz I got a faker on my hands,
I got a jabba on my hands.
I got a faker on my hands
I got a liar on my hands.

Told my girls, I wanted truth
Imma stay calm
Ill just wait 'til later,
then give him a call.
Now he's tryin to convince me that I didnt see what I saw.
Youre the one on defence,
cuz you just broke the law

Tellin me your all about me
And no other girl will do
But boy one thing about me is
I ain't a fool
But I'll admit you had me goin
Thinking that this was the move
Until I seen that girl all on you
Kissing you
Now your bridge is burned


Drop it to the floor
Oh you got it right this time
You got a player on your hands
But if its to hot for ya
Then drop it to the floor

Watcha know about
Being up in the club
With a another girl
Gettin caught up
You know ur gonna pay
Ya gotta plead your case
I'm coming your way
What you gonna say

*Flo Rida Rap*

Uh huh u huh
I guess I was wrong about him
Uh huh uh huh
It looks like now we gotta a problem
'Cause I gotta
A faker on my hands
I gotta a jabba on my hands
I gotta faker on my hands
I gotta lil liar on my hands