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Artist: US5
Album: Here We Go (2005)
Title: Your Love

Lyrics Your Love

Girl, the only way to make things right
Is for us to be satisfied, so why you wanna waste my time
I've been thinkin' 'bout you day and night
I can't continue with this life
You better make up your mind

People say, I shouldn't be so blind
Beggin' after all this time
But your love is my love it's something I can't deny

I can't deny I'm beggin'
I can't deny you're playin'
Why you wanna be so cruel to me
Girl you gotta understand, my love is your love
It's a feeling I can't deny

Girl, I need an explanation right now
On what this love is all about
And how we're gonna work this out
Time is passin' right before our eyes
We gotta make a sacrifice
Or maybe we should think twice


I can't, I can't leave you
I can't, I can't get enought (x2)