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Artist: US5
Album: Here We Go (2005)
Title: Let It Go

Lyrics Let It Go

I was thinkin' 'bout the things you said
I admit that I was wrong
Maybe if you told me how to make
What I did undone
Twenty nights apart, that's what we are
And I'm dyin' in my sleep
Happy days, they seem so far away
Can I come back home

You told me you loved me, but now it's all history
I'm bleedin' so badly, I just gotta let it go
I thought that I was your friend, but now you're with
someone else
Let it go, let it go

Now I'm lyin' in my bed at night
With your picture in my hand
Reminiscin' back to when we were
More than just good friends
Does he make you feel the way I did
Does he care the way I cared
Precious love is just so hard to find
Why are you not here?

I don't understand why you left me alone
And I can't sleep at night
My heart's on the floor, don't want this no more
I need you back in my life baby

(da, da, da's...)