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Artist: US5
Album: Here We Go (2005)
Title: I Can't Sleep

Lyrics I Can't Sleep

You don't like my style
I feel I'm not your type
My life turns around, I'm thinkin' of you every day
They keep tellin' me, don't go wastin' time on this
Sweet Fantasy
But it's not comin' through
Cause all I ever wanted was you

Late at night when I'm walkin' alone
Got the feeling that you don't even know
Bout the thoughts that are hidin' inside
It's time for you to get in my life

I can't sleep, late at night
>I can't eat, i just cry
I need you, in my life
So tell me where you're sleepin' tonight
>Repeat 2x
>I cant sleep

You keep playin' me
Like I'm some kind of creep
I wish you would see
I'm more than just an average guy
I must be a fool
Because I keep on running chasin' right after you
Tell me what to do
To get a chance to be next to you